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           Located at Science Park (an industrial park gathering top 500 worldwide enterprises) in Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Guangzhou Haige Communications Group Incorporated Company is a key member enterprise of Guangzhou Radio Group, which is named as one of China 520 key enterprise groups, one of China top 100 electronic information enterprises. Guangzhou Haige Communications Group Incorporated Company was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SSE) on August 31, 2010. The stock code: 002465. At present, Haige Communications owns 2 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 6 holding subsidiaries and 2 equity participation companies. With over 50 years professional basis and 10 years rapid, steady development, HAIGE has become a hi-tech enterprise group integrating with R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service, providing communication, navigation equipments for all services and arms. It is in the leading position of the trade:

        an enterprise with widest customer, widest frequency band and most comprehensive product series;

        a unique overall unit bearing to construct an all-weather nationwide wireless communication network;

        a unique China National Planned Layout Key Software Enterprise in the trade (passed through certification for 9 consecutive years);

        China Top 100 Software Service Income;

        National Torch Project Key Hi-tech Enterprise;

        China Top 10 Innovative Software Enterprise ;

           Relied on the innovative system platform, modern management mode and strategic thought, HAIGE has built a marketing system of “drawn by market and centered on customer”, being devoted itself to providing the customer with high quality communication product and comprehensive service, initiatively pushing forward technical progress for the communication electronic enterprises in China, obtaining wide acceptance in the trade.

          HAIGE has the kernel branches of the National Level Enterprise Technology Center and the Postdoctoral Programme. HAIGE always insists on the innovative strategy of close combination of technology with market. The annual R&D expenditure exceeds 10% of the sale income. More than 80 products have successively won the national, provincial and ministerial prizes. HAIGE develops autonomously kernel technology, having had various autonomous intellectual properties, leading the domestic technical level, some products exceeding the international advanced level.

          HAIGE always insists on the business principle of “three intransigencies” (namely, “Intransigent on safety, intransigent on quality, intransigent on legal business”), serving for the society and repaying to the society. Guided by the technical style of “careful, careful and more careful” and the quality policy of “pursue perfection to manufacture exquisite military products, serve sincerely to build the outstanding brand of HAIGE”, HAIGE will strive for developing the national communication industry of the 21st century under the guidance of market, the reliance of technology, the principle of quality and the aim of service.

          “Renewal of perception, promotion of management, innovation with every effort, hardworking bit by bit” is the working style of HAIGE. HAIGE people will insist on the business purpose of “assured by quality system, importing and abstracting the advanced technology at home and abroad, serving sincerely for the construction of modern communication”. We are devoted ourselves to manufacturing exquisite product, building HAIGE brand, and becoming the most excellent modern enterprise in the field of domestic radio communication and navigation.

          HAIGE is always keeping the path with the world.

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