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        HAIGE is originated from Guangzhou Radio Factory founded in 1956. At the early stage, Guangzhou Radio Factory provided shipborne HF communication and navigation equipments special for the navy. Interchanging for over 50 years, Guangzhou Radio Factory has experienced the brilliance in the planned economy period (1956~1978), short prosperity in the early period of reform and openness (1979~1986). It has also undergone the pain by the impact of the early market economy. Till the early of 1990s, the director of Guangzhou Radio Factory was changed and it began all over again and sprang up once again.

        Later, as a unit special for military industry, Guangzhou Haige Communications Co., Ltd was registered on July 20, 2000. By increasing the capital stock, Guangzhou Haige Communications Industry Group Co., Ltd was registered on July 20, 2005. After accomplishing normalized share holding system reform, Guangzhou Haige Communications Group Incorporated Company was registered on July 20, 2007.

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