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        Guangzhou Haige Communications Software Test Center (HGSTC) was founded in 2002. In 2004, in the form of division, it formally provided information project quality assurance service for the customer. HGSTC is equipped with complete computer software, hardware, network system test environment and test tool, having a shielded laboratory which leads the business field and a high quality talent team that has engaged in information project quality assurance for many years. All staffs have bachelor’s degree. Nearly a half has master’s degree. They have rich experience in various information project software, hardware, network safety test, information engineering consultancy and information system operation and maintenance, enjoying high reputation with exquisite technique in the business field. HGSTC has established the consummate quality control system accordance with ISO/IEC17025 and has executed effectively. The test report It issued is mutually accepted in 52 countries and regions.

        HGSTC takes the “establishment of the public quality assurance platform oriented to information application” as the target, taking the information project test service as the cut-in point, providing comprehensive quality assurance solutions for the information application customers such as government, finance, transportation and national defense. Business scope of HGSTC covers information engineering consultancy, quality assurance, information project test and information system operation and maintenance. HGSTC has had the following qualification certificates.

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