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          On June 25, 2009, HAIGE and MOTOROLA officially signed the strategic cooperation agreement on TETRA digital trunk project, mutually accelerating the localization of TETRA digital trunk product, constructing the R&D and industrialization base for the international advanced digital trunk network equipment, being devoted itself to developing the application field as in military, public security, metro and transportation, etc., providing perfect solutions for the industry.

        TETRA system is a mobile communication system used in group dispatch, command communication (mainly used in the field of specific mobile communication). TETRA digital trunk communication system has been rapidly developed in Europe or even all over the world. It gives full scope to rescue life and safeguard public security with the features of “high reliability, fast response speed, strong command dispatch ability, good interoperability, powerful data transmission ability, high frequency availability and mature technical application”, etc. TETRA digital trunk communication system is a specific mobile communication system based on digital TDMA technology. The system is an open system with unified standard which is designed by European Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETSI) to meet the need of dispatch, communication command for the specific customers. Besides it is widely used in urban wireless state network, public security dedicated network, airport, harbor and railway transportation, TETRA digital trunk communication system is also fully satisfied with the demand of the army, including battalion level daily on-duty and safeguard, field mission performance, large scale maneuvers assurance, urgent communication assurance for the major events (e.g. anti-terrorism and maintaining social stable, combating the earthquake and do relief work, etc.)

        At present, HAIGE is a unique localization enterprise in China passing type examination and approval of TETRA digital trunk base station and terminal, having TETRA digital trunk base station HG-S828, handheld radio HG-T801, vehicular radio HG-M811 series localized brand equipments. In 2009, HAIGE has implemented the interoperability test of TETRA digital trunk 800M system with Guangzhou municipal public security 350M system, which is the unique system in China implementing network level interoperable between digital system and analog system proved by actual combat. In 2010, HAIGE once more successfully won the bidding to provide 800M digital trunk common network terminal for Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games, making constant delighted progress in the process of developing the digital trunk communication field.

        HG-M811 series localized brand equipments

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