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        In dedicated chip field, HAIGE invested to found Guangzhou Run Xin Information Technology Co., Ltd, especially for the development of RF chip for the “Big Dipper” series satellite navigation system, having successfully developed Big Dipper 1, Big Dipper 2 and Big Dipper 1+2 RF chips. In order to be matched with RF chip, HAIGE also started the development of Big Dipper, GPS, GLONASS multimode baseband process chip and interference free process dedicated chip. It will lay firm foundation of the next generation miniatured, low power consumption, high performance and high reliability Big Dipper satellite navigation system.

        Pointing to the application requirement of the Big Dipper satellite navigation position system, HAIGE has carried out the development of the key technology and various satellite navigation position systems. At present, HAIGE has made progress in the miniatured multimode receiver, interference free antenna, vehicular radio, shipborne radio, handset, combined time servicing and baseband chip, etc. Facing to the future, HAIGE will make close to the user’s requirement of the next generation navigation position products, taking the chip technical application as the dominant strategy, developing he next generation navigation position products meeting for different demands, doing our best to provide the users with more perfect and more exquisite products and services.

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