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        Location:Home -> Legal Statement Legal Statement

        This website is designed and maintained by Guangzhou Haige Communications Group Incorporated Company (hereinafter referred to as “HAIGE”). Please read carefully the clauses in this statement before you using this website. Once you are access to this website, it shows that you have accepted this statement and are regarded to promise obeying to the relevant regulations in this statement.

        1 Right statements
        Proprietary right, copy right and other rights, including without limitation, technical data, information, page layout, picture, flow and data provided in this website are owned and reserved by HAIGE. This right is protected by ‘General Principles of the Civil Law of the People’s Republic of China’, ‘Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China’, ‘Law of the People’s Republic of China Against Unfair Competition’ and other laws and regulations, normalized legal documents and relevant international conventions. Any infringement to the above rights will probably cause to bear civil, administrative or criminal liabilities.

        2 Exception statements
            Although HAIGE will do its best to provide accurate technical data and information in this website, it does neither give assurance that these technical data and information are absolutely accurate, complete, sufficient and reliable, nor bear any liability for the incorrectness and omission of these technical data and information, nor give assurance that you can browse, read and use this website at any time, nor give assurance that what in this website is wrong in printing, duplicating or other input.
        HAIGE has right to change the contents in this website at any time without any notice. In any case, for any direct, indirect, incidental loss to the third party (including without limitation profit loss, data loss, property damage, etc.) caused by using this website or not able to enter into this website, HAIGE will not bear any legal liability.

        3 Copyright statements
        All technical data or information loaded in this website is protected by ‘Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China’. All copyrights are owned by HAIGE. Any person shall not, without HAIGE"s prior specific written consent, copy, falsify, propagate any content in any form or load it to other server for use with the “image method”.

        4 Third party linking statements
        This website may reserve linking to any third party website. User will make decision whether or not to be access to these links. Provision of these links by this website only provides convenience for the user. HAIGE does not give assurance that any information, data, viewpoint, picture, statement or suggestion provided by these links are absolutely accurate, complete, sufficient and reliable.

        5 Personal information protection statements
        Usually, you can browse this website without need to provide with any personal information. If, for the particular purpose, you are willing to provide your name, sexuality, certificate category and number, birthday, e-mail box, telephone, address, postal code or other personal information alike required for registration, booking for electronic information or job-looking, etc, it presents that you have understood and accept the usage of your personal information, agreeing HAIGE to use your personal information for he particular purpose. HAIGE shall fully respect your right of privacy and make every effort to protect your personal information, promising not to provide to any third party without user"s prior written consent.

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