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        communications is, in fact, to make use of the radio wave to transmit and receive voice, data, character and picture within a certain space. communications is a modern communication means widely used in aerial navigation, broadcast & TV, transportation, public security, weather report, fire & flood prevention, mobile communication, telecommunication, electrical power, mining and national defense equipment. Compared with wire communication, communications requires no transmission line, covering wide area, having good maneuverability and being rapidly established. However, the traditional communications has unstable transmission quality, the signal being easy to be interfered or intercepted and having bad security. Therefore, the modern communications technology is developing towards the digital and interference free direction. The equipment which transmits and receives radio signal (including transmitter, receiver, antenna, power supply and terminal, etc.) forms the communications radio.

        HAIGE is a supplier of the overall communications equipment. The MW/VLF communication radio it developed covers both the MW band and VLF band. With the advanced DSP technology, the radio may be used for digital voice and data communication with various rates by connecting to the computer terminal, as well as for fax service by connecting to the digital facsimile machine. The radio has a variety of operation modes suitable for various working occasions. The HF communication radio it developed, by their usages and operation conditions, may be divided into portable, vehicular/shipborne/airborne and fixed HF communication radio. The VHF communication radio series it developed has high stability and reliability, strong environment adaptability, supporting various services such as voice, short message, file, picture and video, providing with interference free and self-organized networking ability, having excellent EMC, externally loaded software making it easy to be upgraded.

        Schematic diagram of wireless communication

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