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      HAIGE is one of the manufactures having engaged in the development and manufacture of navigation equipment at the earliest stage since the founding of the PRC. HAIGE has devoted itself to the navigation position cause in China for over 50 years, accumulating rich experiences on designing and developing the navigation position products. Since the 1960s, HAIGE has successively developed and manufactured many navigation systems with various types such as “Changhe III”, Omega, “Changhe II”, meridian transit, GPS, GLONASS and “Big Dipper I”, etc. The products cover the army arms such as naval force, armored force and artillery troops as well as are widely used in civil aviation, ship, vehicle and time servicing, etc. In the “Big Dipper II” project which our country has put into huge money to develop, HAIGE successfully won the bidding and got the development qualification of the navigation position system. HAIGE has gained several key technical breakthroughs in the field of “satellite navigation signal process”, “interference free” and “high dynamics”, etc. and taking the first place in the test organized by the higher level bodies.

      The service position of HAIGE in the field of Loran-C and “Big Dipper” navigation system is to make the high quality navigation position products. The Loran-C receiver developed by HAIGE can provides 0.25~1.2 nautical mile position accuracy for free sailing, waypoint sailing and route sailing, can automatically memorize and display route, track and waypoint and can correct time difference of Loran-C navigation system. The “Big Dipper” navigation system developed by HAIGE can provides 20m surface position accuracy for free sailing, waypoint sailing and route sailing, transmitting secret digital message, storing waypoint and display route, memorizing position track and equipment parameter and saving message.

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