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        Location:Home -> Technical R&D -> System Integration System Integration

        In the field of system integration, HAIGE is devoted itself to the R&D of the digitalized, modularized, systematized and network communication technique and means, providing the user with the overall solutions and communication equipments for fixed communication, mobile communication and integration of communication and command. Meanwhile, HAIGE can also provide the user with the transmission control platform based on TDM, NGN and ATM, contracting the communication technique overall plan and communication network construction project, providing various services such as training, technical support, equipment maintenance and maneuver assurance, etc.

        HAIGE has a technical R&D team specializing in system integration, being devoted itself to technical R&D and market development in the field of system integration, and network system. The products mainly include base station control radio, field integrated communication system and Ethernet integrated communication system, realizing extension from “single unit” to “system” and from communication to command automation, having the ability to develop and implement vehicular system integration and large network overall project.

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