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      • Experts for election of Guangzhou Science and Technology Progress Prize visiting HAIGE
      • Create Date:2010-09-30  From:www.ck983.com
      • An expert examination group (23 persons) organized by Guangzhou Science and Technology Bureau visited HAIGE Industry Park on September 28, 2010 to have an on-the-spot investigation to “Research and application on VHF high performance new network transmission technology” and “HF digital anti-jamming communication technology and application”, which are two candidate items from HAIGE applied for “Guangzhou Science and Technology Progress Prize 2009”. Both items were highly appraised by the on-the-spot investigation experts. The two items had passed the science and technology fruit appraisal. The appraisal unanimously thought that both items have high science and technology contents, advanced technical level, high practical usage, wide application prospect, and the level and comprehensive performance lead the country. Guangzhou Science and Technology Progress Prize is established by Guangzhou People’s Government, is the highest honorary prize in Guangzhou municipal level science and technology prizes.

        Experts for election of Guangzhou Science and Technology Progress Prize visited HAIGE for appraisal and assessment

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