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      • TETRA Road Show” held in Guangzhou
      • Create Date:2010-10-27  From:www.ck983.com
      •  “TETRA Road Show Activity”——jointly sponsored by TETRA MoU and Communications Branch of Chinese Institute of Electronics, undertaken by HAIGE was held in Guangzhou on October 20, 2010. The theme of this road show activity is “Application and development of TETRA”.

        “TETRA Road Show Activity” was held in Guangzhou 

        “TETRA Road Show Activity” was held in Guangzhou On the opening ceremony of this road show activity, Mr. Lv Depei, vice director of Guangdong Economic & Information Technology Commission, Mr. Phil Kinder, chairman of TETRA MoU and Mr. Zhang Zhiqiang, standing vice general manager of HAIGE, addressed the meeting respectively. Ms. Song Haina, TETRA project manager of HAIGE, made a topic lecture at this road show activity.

        It is known to all that TETRA technical system was used in European public security application field at first. Now, it is developed to the application fields such as traffic logistics, large equipment manufacture and hotel business, etc. TETRA standard becomes one of professional communication technology standards widely used worldwide. In recent years, the TETRA command & dispatch network has played a great role in some significant political and foreign affairs activities and in the case that several fierce natural disasters encountered in China. TETRA Digital Trunk Communication System has met the good development opportunity in China.

        Participants of the “TETRA Road Show Activity” take a group photo

        The success of this road show activity provides the manufacturers, operators and R&D people of the TETRA system at home and abroad with an information exchange and communication platform, promoting science and technology propagation and experience share in the trade.

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