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      • Premier Wen Jiabao visits GRG
      • Create Date:2010-11-18  From:www.ck983.com
      •  praising GRG laying emphasis on science and technology innovation and believing GRG must have a bright future

        Mr. Wen Jiabao, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the CPC, and premier of the State Council, accompanied by Mr. Wang Yang, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the CPC, secretary of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, Mr. Huang Huahua, governor of Guangdong Province, and Mr. Zhang Guangning, secretary of Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee, etc., visited to Guangzhou Radio Group (GRG) on the morninG of November 12, 2010 and made an important speech. Mr. Zhao Youyong, director of the board of GRG, Mr. Yang Haizhou, president of GRG and director of the board of HAIGE, and Mr. Ye Ziyu, general manager of GRG Banking, etc. kept company with the whole journey and had a report on the development of the enterprise.

        Premier Wen Jiabao made an important speech when visiting GRG Banking (Science City) Industry Park, one of the listed companies of GRG. He praised that GRG must “have a bright future”.

        Premier Wen Jiabao pointed out that I have looked around the enterprise. Looking from the ratio of the R&D investment in the total sales amount, the ratio of the R&D personnel in the total staff in the enterprise and the share in market, it showed that the enterprise puts the science and technology innovation to the first place, also predicting the future development potential of GRG.

        The figure I have just said is dead, but the very important is such a great many of vigorous R&D personnel standing in front of me. It is you who are the main forces of the enterprise. It also symbolizes the future of the enterprise. In any field, as long as we have science and technology investment and are bold in making innovation, we may have a leading position in this field and enlarge the share in market.

        Another thing I have found is that our enterprise pays attention to training. Because that knowledge is increased constantly, product competition is becoming fierce day by day and science and technology is developing uninterruptedly, then, it requires our science and technology personnel to improve your knowledge level and innovation ability, occupying the commanding height of the science and technology. In this way, they will have the enterprise remain unconquerable in the fierce competition. At the sight of you, I feel that GRG must have a bright future, Guangdong Province must have a bright future, Guangzhou City must have a bright future and this hi-tech development zone must have a bright future.

        Premier Wen Jiabao made an important on-the-spot speech, praising that GRG must “have a bright future”.

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